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In our extensive experience collaborating with businesses of all sizes, we’ve identified universal challenges. From Compliance to Leadership and People Development Training, we have created a model where you can empower your team with targeted training.

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Welcome to Nimbus Learning Solutions, your dedicated ally in revolutionizing and simplifying your HR with Training support for small to mid-sized businesses. 

Why Train with Nimbus Learning Solutions?

We understand the urgent need for compliance and the desire to foster an environment where teams can genuinely thrive, learn, and grow.

Our commitment is to be your trusted HR partner on this transformative journey, ensuring your organization achieves its goals with confidence and resilience. 

What makes us different?

At Nimbus Learning Solutions, we don’t just offer training;  we offer Solutions that speak to the intricacies of your business, delivering training solutions that propel your team toward optimal performance. 

We expertly navigate the nuances of HR, allowing you to concentrate on your core strengths – constructing and managing a company that not only meets regulatory standards but thrives and prospers.

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Our Employee training Courses

Explore our courses!  Our library of over 45 courses are available to you and your team day or night. Enroll today!

Whether you’re seeking professional development or team enrichment, our offerings are designed to empower you around the clock. Start exploring, learning, and growing with us!

Digital Intelligence

No matter your role, technology continues to transform how you do your work.


Negotiation is an essential management skill that will serve you every day in ways big and small.

Attracting and Cultivating Talent

As a manager, you play an important role in creating a fulfilling work experience for the people on your team.

Team Management

Organizations are powered by teams: groups of people with a shared identity, complementary skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively.

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Our HR services extend to employee development, ensuring your workforce stays ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Working closely with small to mid-sized businesses, we know that there are common challenges for everyone.  We have created a curriculum of training specifically designed to:

    • Help Yourself
    • Help Others
    • Help Your Business

We offer Compliance Training, and 41 courses specifically curated to help you and your staff Manage Self, Manage Others, and Manage your Business.

We know that all industries require Compliance Training with variances depending on Province.  We have centralized all training required to be compliant.  If you are outside of Canada, please ask us about our DEI course. 

We know that small to mid-sized businesses have the common challenges from start up to continued growth.  

We also know that there are gaps in managing others, and skills development for employees of small to mid-sizes businesses. 

Our course offerings are specifically designed to fill these gaps and help your organization be effective and efficient. 

We have two options.  As a savvy business owner, you are welcome to review our course offerings and choose what speaks to you.  As experts in all things Employee, Organizational and Team Effectiveness, we can conduct a quick audit (for a fee) to understand your business, the gaps, and your goals for your employees and provide recommendations on how to close those gaps.

While providing HR solutions to a client, we determined that there was a sub-culture of bullying that impacted overall employee engagement and morale.  We created our “Respect in the Workplace” training to speak specifically to Bullying and Harassment in the workplace, create an Inclusive, Equitable, Diverse and Accessible mindset for employees.    With this course, and subsequent coaching internally, we were able to turn their total culture from one of apathy, to one of high performance.

The training is online, so can be accessed at a time that is convenient for you or your team to learn.

We can provide ongoing support to ensure residual knowledge.

As we are working in every industry with Nimbus HR Solutions Group Inc., we are constantly evolving and helping our clients to evolve ahead of the curve.